About Us

        Beijing co-yan Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd. is located in Zhongguancun Science Park. The main products include DC power supply equipment, relay protection and automatic screen, the screen signal (me), the measurement instrument panel, the exchange-screen stations, such as centralized console. Companies with professional services team, in a timely manner to provide users with high-quality, professional services and technical advice. 
The company established a complete quality assurance system and improve the means test, based on modern enterprise management concepts to form an effective management mechanism. In order to meet customer requirements, market needs, the use of modern science and technology enterprise reform and power system in accordance with the latest requirements and standards, adhere to scientific and technological innovation, insist on continuous improvement, constant development of new products, so that the company's DC power supply equipment and Supporting the development of products that were serialized in recent years launched a computer monitor high-frequency switching DC power supply cabinet (GZDW, GZS10P), intelligent touch-DC power supply cabinet (GZS10P), DC power inverter-counter (GCFW), intelligent alarm signal (HX-WBJ series, HX-WBJY series), computer monitor DC power supply devices and other products, with a number of independent intellectual property rights, product market by users.